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The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) is administered to students, in grades five through ten, seeking admission to private middle and high school.

Many of Hawaii's private schools use the SSAT scores as one of the major criteria on which they base admission decisions. Most of the private schools in Hawaii are selective, meaning they have more applicants than openings available. SSAT is required for admission to Punahou, Iolani, Mid Pacific Institute, Maryknoll, Kamehameha, Hawaii Bapist Academy and many other private schools. In addition, due to the different curriculum used among the public and private elementary and middle schools, private schools cannot evaluate students' aptitudes and abilities based on their grades and GPA. For this reason, many private middle and high schools use SSAT, a standardized test, in measuring the student’s academic capabilities.

A successful performance on the SSAT can open the door to an outstanding high school education for your child. The best way to prepare your child is to start with our Excel Learning Center FREE assessment test!

There are three levels of the test: the Elementry level for students applying to 4th grade, the Middle level for students applying to 6, 7 and 8, and the Upper level, designed for students applying to 9  to 11.

The SSAT consists of two parts: a brief essay and a multiple choice test that includes Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Verbal sections. In all, there are five sections.

The SSAT consists of five sections:

Essay on an assigned topic, which you're given 25 minutes to write.

Quantitative - this is actually two sections, each of which last 30 minutes and include 25 questions on basic and more complex math skills.

Verbal - this section also lasts 30 minutes, and consists of 30 questions on synonyms, and 30 questions on analogies.

Reading Comprehension - you'll have 40 minutes to complete this section. You'll be tested on several passages, with 40 questions to demonstrate your reading speed and comprehension.

Your choice of schools will receive your scores, as well as your percentile ranking, less than two weeks after the test date.  Parents will receive the same report by email or by mail.




You have high expectations of a professional SSAT preparation program. At Excel Learning Center, our goal is to exceed your expectations—of the scores, the teachers, and the quality of our service. Added benefits are students improve their academic abilities and gain invaluable experience for other similar tests such as the ACT®, PSAT® and SAT®.


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